Bamboo Toothbrush – Choose Adult or Child


Adult and Children’s bamboo toothbrush made of the best organic bamboo, giving you top quality dental care while reducing plastic.

Adult and Children's bamboo toothbrush made of the best organic bamboo, giving you top quality dental care while reducing plastic.

Adult and Children's Bamboo Toothbrush: High-Quality Care for your Teeth and the Planet

When it comes to dental health, one must provide the best care. The same thing also applies to the environment. Less plastic means less pollution. We are confident that our bamboo toothbrush is the answer to both concerns.

3 reasons why you (and the environment) will love our premium bamboo toothbrush:

1.) We want to give you your money’s worth. That’s why we made this toothbrush using the finest, high-quality bamboo. What does it mean?

The quality lasts longer than a regular toothbrush
The material is stronger
It is naturally bacteria-resistant. Thus, it does not easily get mouldy

2.)  It’s travel-friendly! Our bamboo toothbrush is lightweight and easy to transport. So if you’re a nature and outdoor enthusiast, pack a bamboo toothbrush instead of a disposable plastic one.

3.) It makes a gentle bristle to sensitive teeth. Moreover, it is recommended to pair the premium toothbrush with Denttabs toothpaste tablets for the best oral care. It comes in plastic-free packaging. Such a win-win for you and the environment!

Fast facts about this bamboo toothbrush:

Individually packaged

The adults toothbrush has medium firm bristles

Best quality organic bamboo

Comes in a 19.2cm cardboard box

How do you dispose of it?

Use pliers to remove the bristles. The bristles are bioplastics. They can go in industrial composting but not home compost. Alternatively, they can go in the bin or an eco brick. The bamboo can go in home compost and will biodegrade easily.

Additional information

Bamboo Toothbrush Size


What We Love

  • Zero Waste
  • The bamboo is compostable
  • Bioplastics arent perfect but have a far lower carbon footprint.

Bioplastic Info

Bioplastics are plastic materials produced from renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, straw, woodchips, sawdust, recycled food waste, etc. Bioplastic can be made from agricultural by-products and also from used plastics by using microorganisms. 

Bioplastics are important because they don’t rely on fossil fuels like other plastics. They also have a considerably lower carbon footprint than other plastics. They do, however, need to be disposed of in the same way as other plastics. For example, toothbrush bristles can be recycled as part of an ecobrick.

Bioplastics are far from perfect but they are a great solution on our road to find a fully home compostable alternative.


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